This is the first time in a VERY long time where Ive had the freedom that I do. I feel a bit of guilt but it’s something that I need to let go of because I know that I deserve this break.

Last year was trying – emotionally, mentally and physically. Not only did I care for my 6 (step)children-  up until June. I also had my husband, niece, mother, foster son and nephew to look after. My (step)children went to live with their mom after school was over but we do get them every other weekend

My foster son was taken from us because we had to put our feet down over some issues dealing with his bio mom. That’s a story in itself. My mom passed in October from lung cancer and at that time, my niece went back with her mom, which just left my being responsible for my nephew. Well after much drama, that came to an end last weekend.

So here I am. Trying to let go and re-focus.

There were some things I wanted to start this month but Im going to give myself some time to just decompress. My husband and I can start anew come the 1st of July. In the meantime, we may hit up a movie or go out to dinner. I need to COMPLETELY clear my mind of some of the things floating around up there before I start making commitments.

My plans are to:

Re-organize my organization so that I can put some events in action next year – Lifting Everyone’s Spirit

Spend some much needed quality time with my husband and start doing some things from our bucket list: Our Bucket List

Get our finances in order. The bulk of what’s in our savings is to purchase a car – with cash and our trips. Right now my mindset is – if we are in between pay periods and we run our of money, to not transfer any funds over and we make do with what we have until pay day again. I have the Dave Ramsey book which I need to start reading.

Walk the 5k at – The Color Run in July while the hubster and I are on vacation

Renew our wedding vows – Pensacola Beach Weddings

Learn how to clean the pool myself and save $150 a month until it becomes cold. Me and cold don’t mix like me and heat don’t mix. Ha!

Have friends over so we can utilize our fabulous back patio and grill

Blog more and start reading the dozens of books I have

Plant my flowers so our front yard has some curb appeal

Fish more

Get with the personal trainer at the gym – Anytime Fitness –  that we pay for monthly but have yet to utilize. After looking at the picture of me at my (step)sons graduation. Ahhhh….yeah! *sigh*

Yes, I have plans to do things with the kiddos. But right now, my focus is on the things Id like to do without having to deal with drama and the responsibility of others. I know that may sound selfish but unless you know me personally and have walked in my shoes…My focus is on reconnecting with my husband as well. Cause, yeah, our marriage was on the brinks of falling apart.

So Here’s To…

Letting Go of the past

Surrendering to my passions

and enjoying my

Taste of freedom at the moment

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