An UNnecessary Evil…

An Unnecessary evil would be me referring to – The B*tch aka Aunt flo.

I remember a time, back when trying to conceive, when I looked forward to her coming. Those who have and are dealing with infertility, know what I mean. Fast forward to now.  I dread when she comes. Not only do I have small amounts of endometriosis, but also fibroids, so when she starts…It’s like pain straight out of HELL and very VERY heavy.

Considering Im way past the point of having children – biologically and finally at a point where I can say Im happy being “child free”, Im looking into what my options are. I know some will say Im not child free due to the fact that I have (step)children. I will always be here to help raise and love on them as I did when I (first) met my (now) husband who at the time was a single dad.

I looove my (step)children to death but they have a mom who is in their lives. Only those in a blended family will understand what I mean and I will leave it at that.

So anywho, my options are: A total hysterectomy and endometrial (uterine) ablation. Im definitely doing major research on both.

Considering I have a lot that Id like to do this Summer, I don’t want to be laid up for an insane amount of time. Hopefully, when I see my doctor on the 30th of this month, the decision I need to make, will be made and it’ll be one Im 100% fine with. I know Id truly enjoy not having to worry about the pain, and the heavy flow anymore.

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