Today Was A Good Day!

I became a (step)grandma last night to a beautiful, healthy baby boy named Marcus. I will post pictures soon

I signed up for The Color Run today (cost was $30.00) that’s going to be held on the 4th of July.  I even ordered my tutu.

I received my address for my adoptive soldier

I filled out my FASFA today. I keep saying Im going to return to school next year but whose to say I will still be alive and kicking? Ive decided to return this August. I will take only 2 classes at this time.

Im looking forward to painting a well known bridge here to raise awareness on rape

Im looking forward to my non planned outings with my husband. I’m going to step way out my comfort zone and be a bit more spontaneous with him

Im having my first, well second appt. with the fitness instructor next week. I sent him a picture via email and he stated he worked with someone who accomplished what Im wanting to with dedication and hard work. It’s surely going to be tough but I have Faith that I can and WILL do this. Would be nice to fit into the cute clothes I bought, in smaller sizes on purpose.

All in all

Today Was A Good Day

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