I truly don’t see how those who sit around all day doing much about nothing are ok with that.

Im a sahw (stay at home wife) and former sahsm (stay at home step mom).  The majority of my life, Ive had others to take care of and/or I worked. Besides caring for me husband, our cat and my (step)children every other weekend,  what Im used to is pretty much non-existent now. While I am thankful to my husband which allows me to be home while he works, it’s killing me at the moment not being able to do anything. Granted part of the issue is us only have one car cause if we had 2, baebaby – Id be out and about.

Being idle has caused me to think about things, negatively, which is so not me because I try to be as positive as I can be. I cant even concentrate on projects that I could and should be doing to help ease the idleness Im feeling at the moment. Thankfully, school for me starts in 12 days and Im super excited about that.

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