After Years of Neglect…

After years of neglecting myself, my body is starting to feel the effects of it. It seems as though with my slowing down which has only been 3 months –  has it all come to the surface. And this bitch (my body) aint playing.

Yesterday, I had to take a trip to Urgent Care. My headaches were becoming worse, as well as the dizziness and OMFG, the extreme fatigue. Bottom line is – it’s all a result of being anemic, having hypothyroidism and my newly dx of  pre-hypertension. The doctor got on me during the exam and had the nerve to say “yeah right” after asking me, as I was leaving, if I were going to see my primary doctor. I had responded with “yes” and “I promise” which prompted the – yeah right – from him. I totally get where he was coming from though. We never tend to do something until it’s gotten so far out of hand that there’s nothing left to do. Considering my father had a pace-maker and later died from a heart attack. Shit is getting real.

I have to force myself to stay awake or Id sleep all day. Only those who suffer from extreme fatigue will understand. I cant fault anyone but myself for any of this. I haven’t taken my medications in months. I have poor sleep and eating habits and Lord knows me and water aren’t buddies. I don’t exercise much aside from running around my house cleaning.  Also, my personality is such that I take care of everyone else before I take care of myself. I am so like my mother BUT even she took care of herself.  Her downfall was cigarettes. Otherwise, my mom did her best to stay active and complained big time when she couldn’t be. She didn’t eat a whole bunch of sweets and wasn’t into fast foods.

BUT THOSE FUCKING CIGARETTES is what ended her life.


This morning I prayed for guidance.

I took my meds (this morning) and I’ve set the alarm on my phone to wake me up every morning at 7 to take meds for the anemia and hypothyroidism.

I’m going to wean myself back off the sodas and concentrate on drinking more water.

I have to make an appt with our primary doctor to discuss what needs to be done for the pre-hypertension.

I definitely need to start getting more active and stop using the fact that we only have one car as an excuse.

I may stumble along the way but the one thing I’m not is a quitter.

I’m not looking to achieve the perfect body

I want to achieve a healthy body that will carry me til God deems fit to call me Home

I made the t-shirt below via Vista Print. I think I may buy it as a motivational reminder – LOL!

Fit + Fabulous = Fit-Tabulous + After 40.


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