Mother Nature is Kicking My Ass – Buuut

Things could be worse

Thank You Lord for continuing to guide my steps in my personal and soon to be professional life.

I started school the beginning of the week and Im killing it like a BOSS! Well, til it’s time to hit that Math *gaaaah*

I will be going on vacay with my hunny in 16 days. 8 DAYS of pure awesomeness with my guy once the fun begins.

Im pretty proud of myself. I have taken my meds every morning. I set the alarm for 7am.

I have not had a sip of soda in a week. Had some sweet tea twice but have stuck with water.

If you know me, you know that water and I don’t mix but I know that it is needed.

I have been feeling so disappointed in myself over the amount of weight Ive gained. But ya know, I had to make peace with that. The last 2 years have been trying but I wouldn’t change any of the experiences that led to the weight gain for nothing in the world. With eating right, exercising and taking my meds, the weight can AND will come off. I’m still a beautiful woman – inside and out – no matter how much weight I have on me.

Sometimes it’s a bit depressing when Im home due to us not having a second car but Ive been keeping busy.

I go outside for a bit and make sure to keep the front door open to let more sunlight in.

I just heard thunder

Mother nature truly is kicking my butt. Being anemic surely doesn’t help either. Oct 1st cannot come fast enough cause I am sooo over this!

Im gonna make one helluva Clinical Social Worker.


That Is All…

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