I Remember Mommy and Thank You….

My Beautiful Mother – 7/14/34 – 10/25/13


I remember your strong work ethic. I remember being dead dog tired sometimes and mad that we’d work late into the night until we got the job at hand done. I didn’t understand then but I understand why – now.

I remember being pissed that you had ripped up my favorite skirt
It was way too tight and short for a girl my age but I understand why you did what you did – now

I remember you always advising me that forgiveness isn’t for the person you need to forgive. It’s so you don’t hold onto the anger and hurt which could be detrimental to how you spend the rest of your life. I never really understood how you could forgive so easily but I understand why – now

I remember you telling me that every decision I make has consequences whether good or bad. That I would have to live with the decisions I make and Id better be ready to deal with the outcome. I understand a lot better – now

I remember so many things that you tried to teach me that I fully didn’t comprehend at the time. The older I become – the more I understand the why’s and how’s of your advice.


Thank you for loving me unconditionally

Thank you for being there with me during Les’s battle with cancer and helping me make some decisions, after his death, that I wrestled with

Thank you for instilling in me – humility and empathy

Thank you for always reminding me why to never lose my Faith

Thank you for always reminding me that Im not perfect and that things will not always go as I plan.

Thank you for teaching me that it’s ok to be strong but also ok to admit when Im weak and to ask for help.
Im still working on this area of my life.

Thank you for all the advice, the love, the wisdom, the ups, the downs, the arguments, the laughter, the tears, and the smiles…

Im thankful that God chose me to be your daughter and you my mother

While you are no longer here on earth – I know that you are up there in Heaven (smiling and healthy) and some day, I will see you again.

I love you and miss you dearly

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