So Disappointed but…

Today I had to come to the decision to withdraw from school after (1) realizing that Id be paying double in tuition compared to going to our local community college and (2) after double checking, I found out that half the credits wouldn’t even transfer. Talk about disappointment BUT that’s ok.

Some may say Im overly optimistic about life and the situations that come about. It’s because I feel that Im being led to something much greater when I get thrown a curve ball. At the moment we only have one car which the hubster uses for work cause he travels – a lot. Im going to work into our budget to take a cab to school, which isn’t all that far from here on days I cant use the car. I will do my best to register for classes in the evenings and when the weather is nice, I can ride that bike I plan to buy up to the bus stop cause the bus stops right at the college. The majority of time, for every problem, there are solutions.

NOTHING is going to stop me, short of death of course, from getting my degree.


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