One Size Doesnt Fit All…


This body has endured: Domestic violence, rape, sexual abuse, infertility, multiple surgeries to become pregnant, multiple miscarriages, multiple (and obvious failed) suicide attempts. This body has cared for more people than it can count. This body has carried the weight of those who could no longer walk and this body is dealing with hypothyroidism, which makes it difficult – not impossible but difficult – to lose weight. My second belly button is the result of having to be cut open to repair my intestine, which was injured during an attempt to ‘clean up” my uterus.

Some may look at the picture – My body and say: Gross!

I look at this picture – My body and see a  – Survivor!


One size does not fit all. It’s sad that we live in a world where girls, women, boys and men believe that if youre not a size 0, when the average size is a 14, then youre ugly and unattractive. You can have a drop dead, gorgeous body but if you have a jacked up personality, does it really matter? My journey to become fit is a journey to become healthy, not because some feel the need to make the determination that Im obese and unattractive. Especially when they dont know the journey that my body has been on. You never know a persons journey/struggles UNTIL you know their story.

Theres a fad going on where I see women wearing those corsets to get a smaller waist and yet dont seem to have any understanding of what it is doing to them internally. No doctor that I know of, approves of corset/waist training and yet, those in search of the ‘perfect’ body use them.

Love yourself enough to not care what others think of you. If there’s something that you dont like about yourself, then by all means, do something about it. Just make sure youre doing it for all the right reasons and not based upon other peoples perception of you. In the future Im hoping to get a breast reduction and dental work done. Why? Because my teeth are jacked up from being bulimic in the past. My breast does not match my body and the older I become, the more they seem to be affecting my upper back/shoulder. I put those suckers on a digital scale and they weigh about 17lbs. And yes, Im sooo serious that I did that…LOL! I have the picture to prove it. Ha!

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