First Post of 2015

HAPPY “belated” NEW YEARS!!

This will just be updates of sorts

Around Christmas, the passing of my mom really hit me and I mean hard. Some days I cannot believe it’s been over a year because it seems as though it just happened. I have to look at old posts on FB and the dates of pictures to see what has happened over the last 2 years cause it all seems such a blur.

I had our home internet disconnected for a week, which didn’t really go over too well with the hubster cause I did so without telling him. I also deactivated my FB account. Something happened between us over Christmas and it was pretty bad. All I can say about that is – I learned a lot during that week break.  (1) Have a life outside of your spouse (2) You cant rely on anyone else to provide you with happiness (3) You cant fight for something if the other party isn’t willing to fight as well (4) Life is too fucking short or long – depending on how one looks at it.

Also, I didn’t realize how much being on the internet – whether it was researching, reading different blogs, being on social media, etc was taking up so much of my time that could have been spent doing other things I deem important towards my being happy and fulfilled. Not to mention I was actually getting to bed at a decent hour. The internet has been on for 2 days now and it’s so easy to fall back into old behavior which is why Im so happy that Im filling up my time away from being on the computer for an insane amount of time every day.

I think I/we’ve found a church. So far, I’m really loving it. On the 24th, I will be attending – Project One Women’s Gathering. What is it about? Project One is a gathering of women from different backgrounds, communities & churches – coming together – to be united as one voice.

I have my ticket purchased and tutu bought for – The Color Run in March. I recently printed out this to help me prepare. Beginners training guide for a 5k


One of my goals for the new year was to embrace every facet of myself. While Im pretty quiet, as most introverts are, I also have a side of me that enjoys writing erotica. Not to be confused with porn. Although there is nothing wrong with porn unless one is addicted to it. Not sure what direction I will be going with it at this point but I will start writing again.

I recently purchased my first pair of skinny jeans and whew lawd. Someone should have warned those of us with no bootay that skinny jeans are a no-no…LOL!! I may be a sista but this is one sista that aint got back…Ha!Ha! It all went to my chest. I think once I get in shape and a bit tone, I will see a difference but ahhh yeah, I will have to wear those suckers a few times around the house to get them adjusted to my body before I go out in public…LOL!

Im just gonna take it day by day. Stay prayed up, get fit and healthy, and enjoy the things I love doing…


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