Not So Randomness

My Cowboys weren’t in the Superbowl, and until they are. Im on strike. However, I will come to your house for the company, food and liquor though…LOL! *Yeah I know but hey, Im a diehard fan*

How is it possible to lose 3lbs in ONE day? I have found that water and I can be friends.

NO MORE SODAS! NO MORE SODAS! That’s what I keep saying to myself

Im in desperate need of a pedi and mani. The bottom of my feet are so jacked up, that youd think the cat has scratched my legs…Ok, theyre not that bad but bad enough that I shouldn’t be wearing shoes that exposes em…LOL!

If The Color Run is not in your area or close by – Check out – The Color Vibe

I pray Bobbi Kristina pulls through. She really hasn’t been “right” since her mom died. Something I know all too well. My mom died in 2013 and I still struggle with her death. It’s still so hard to believe she is gone. It all happened so fast as well. Found out she had cancer in August I believe and she passed that October.

I love when people underestimate me.

I sooo want to go back to Italy. The first time I was there, I was with an a**hole, so that doesn’t count. Im watching House Hunters, so that’s why I mention it…LOL! It’s a beautiful country. Slow paced, like us Southerners. Loved the food, the wine, the people…

Ive been carrying an enormous amount of weight on my shoulders the past few days. Ive had to pray long and hard about it. Im a fixer but coming to understand that not everything is meant for me to fix.

Im so focusing on being happy. I have not come as far as I have – to not be.



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