My Hysterectomy – Part 1

I knew that eventually I’d end up needing a hysterectomy due to the constant pain and heavy bleeding I was dealing with. I understood why my gyn suggested I try other options such as a uterine ablation because of the risk factors due to the multiple surgeries I had previously.  However, after doing research and learning that it may not even work, I made the final decision to have a hysterectomy. The date was set for July 22nd. First I had to go on Lupron in hopes of shrinking the multiple fibroids I had. I only had to take the one shot of Lupron and then the Lupron pills for about 3 weeks I believe.

The night before (July 21st) my surgery, I packed my bags with one of my favorite books to read – Winnie The Pooh. Id rather eat dirt than drink milk of magnesia EVER again and then finished my night with a big ole bowl of butter pecan ice cream. I also packed away my pads and tampons considering it would be the last time I’d need them.


We arrived pretty early – around 5am I think. I was able to talk with the anesthesiologists and made it known – again – to not give me morphine as I have a very bad reaction to it. Then it was just a matter of waiting to be rolled in once my doctor arrived.

The last thing I remember is being rolled out the room and my hubby giving me a kiss…


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