My Purpose


As a survivor of domestic violence, rape and sexual abuse, I’ve always known that I didn’t want what I’ve gone through, to be in vain. I wanted to use what I’ve gone through as a way to raise awareness, help victims become survivors and much more.

I decided to take a training course (yrs ago but I stay up-to-date, especially on legal issues) so that I could provide support to women who  had gone to the emergency room as a result of rape. I sat in with the victim to offer support and then provided an envelope with valuable resources. It was hard, emotionally, on my first call as I know what it’s like to be on the other side. To be pocked, asked questions, photographed and prodded as the SANE nurse collected samples/evidence. The only reason I had to stop volunteering was due to my (late) husbands battle with brain cancer.


Also, I always knew that I wanted to have my own organization to help victims as there is such a need for this.  When the opportunity arose for me to have my own office space in Oct. 2015, I jumped on it. Buuuut about a week ago, I started plugging in the numbers – cause there are always out of pocket expenses on top of other financial obligations.  I could still do what I wanted to do (at home) but having an office space just makes it more professional, ya know? I prayed that if it was meant for me to have the space, then I’d have it.

I then emailed the person (regarding my financial situation) overseeing the property. It was more than a coincidence in her stating that she was just thinking about me when she received my email. She was on her way to the office building and since she was driving, it was better to speak with me over the phone.  Anywho, she then stated she was going to redo my contract. I’m a bit speechless but I think I said – OMG, thank you so very much.  We chatted a bit more and then she told me that I had lit a fire in her to do more to get the building spaces rented and occupied. Her saying that really made me feel good and appreciated in some small way.

So yes, indeed God heard my prayers and He answered it – Matthew 21:22 .  I have some ideas for fundraisers. I have my business cards printed out and now it’s time to put it all together and in action. My biggest prayer is to buy a 2 or 3 bedroom home to help victims of abuse make the transition once they’ve decided to leave an abusive relationship. Baby steps 🙂



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