Gonna Be Interesting!

I have an office that’s on the other side of town and considering we only have one car at the moment, it’s pretty difficult getting there since the hubster (often) travels for work.

I started looking at catching a cab maybe once or twice a week. I thought it would be pretty cool! I could pretend that I was in New York and hailing a cab. Until I put in the trip for one way and received an estimated cost. Lets just say – Ouch! So I looked into our public transportation system.  (1) I cant beat the price and (2) it’ll give me an extra incentive to exercise because from the location I’d get dropped off at – it’s about a 17 minute walk and (3) I may just get the bike I’ve been wanting. There are bike racks located on the front of the bus which I had to watch a video to learn about installing it properly.


I haven’t rode on a bus since I was a kid. I do remember how embarrassed I used to be having to stand and wait for the bus to come. Now, not so much. It may take a hot minute to get to your destination (they’re worse than Greyhound with the multiple stops) but I will see it as an adventure. For my route, it will take about 2 hrs to get from point A to point B. I’m going to have the hubster drop me off at my stop (after scoping out the route) and then walk to my office to see just how bad it may be. Hopefully I wont be huffing and puffing too bad….LOL!

This will give me a chance to be at the office more until we buy another car. This will definitely be interesting cause lawd help me. 26 Things You’ll See On Public Transportation


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