Finally! A Name To My Disorder…

When I was in middle school, a huge bump/lump developed under my right ear. I remember being so embarrassed and being made fun of it. My parents finally took me to the hospital and all I remember is being told it was some type of (benign) tumor and that I’d need to have surgery to have it removed.

The only memory that I have is waking up in the hospital with this tube placed inside of the incision(opening) under the stitches I had. At the end was a bulb that collected the drainage.

I’m not exactly sure when I noticed the “sweating” coming from my incision but I do remember thinking that “Omg, my spit is coming out the side of my face”. Talk about embarrassing. Every time I eat something, I’m constantly wiping my face because it will start “sweating”. I attempted to find my medical records but learned they were destroyed yeeears ago. On top of that, the hospital I’d had my surgery at, is now the county jail.  *Backtracking* I spent many days there (hospital), not just as a patient who’d had surgery there but as a  psychiatric patient as well after my suicide attempts.  So many things I’d done differently (looking back) but that’s a whole nother story. It probably wasn’t the path I was supposed to take if I had done things differently anyway!

Anywho, I started researching to try an figure out exactly what I was secreting and why.  Thanks to good ole Google, I found my answers. The disorder is known as: Frey Syndrome. I will be discussing with my doctor to see about one treatment which is the Botox injection. There’s only so much hiding one can do because when it starts, it can be as bad as when one sweats heavily. I’m not so bothered by the scar anymore but yeah, the “sweating”, well….

The things my body has endured….

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