Master Bedroom Make-Over…

The apartment we’re currently renting is actually a pretty good size. However, the hubster and I lost our “private” spaces sort of speak. In our last 2 homes, he had a man cave and I could at least use one of our walk in closets as office space.

Here in the apartment, I’m using a tiny closet (still in need of a make-over) and he is using our master bedroom. He is a gamer and I’m not. He originally wanted to have a set-up in the living room to play his games but I just couldn’t see how that would work.  I enjoy watching movies and there’s no way you’d be able to watch and hear what’s on T.V. when there’s the distraction of game playing, especially since he converses with other gamer’s.  So he set up his PS4 in our master bedroom. However, it isn’t ideal at the moment and I’m working to change that because I want him to be comfortable.

Our original bedroom set was his during his 1st marriage. When we downsized, I knew I didn’t want to reuse it. When we moved into our new digs, we got a brand new bedroom set and I love it!!!

Anywho, I made a vision board on what I’d like to do with our bedroom. I want it to be comfy and cozy not just for sleeping and whatever else goes down in the bedroom (LOL) but I also want the hubster to feel as though he has a bit of space to himself to play his games, drink his beer and relax. Luckily, we are only a few footsteps from each other so we aren’t all that disconnected from one another….Im working on one room at a time because I don’t want another cluttered home and I’d like to step out my comfort zone and start utilizing different colors…

Hopefully we will get someone in to mount his T.V. up as well.

*Click To Enlarge Picture*



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