Back To School

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I’ve been trying to complete my degree, well since forever. There has been one thing after another that would force me to take a leave of absence. Those would eventually run out and I’d  end up having to withdraw. Last year it was due to complications after having my hysterectomy.

I decided to re-enroll because at this point in time, I have the opportunity to really focus on my studies. I know I cant predict  when something may happen but it’s a bridge I will cross once I get to it. 

I will definitely be unplugging from social media during the week (maybe just focus on blogging) and then plug back in over the weekends. I’m working on setting up a command center so I can stay on top of chores, appointments, etc. I have to visually see stuff, even though I use my phone as a reminder for things. It will look similar to this one – Command Center.  Time management will be a must because I’m still working on trying to get my organization off the ground. I don’t want to lose sight of that because it is something near and dear to my heart.

Classes start tomorrow (03/29/2016) and I’m super excited to be returning to college.


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