I’m Excited to Go….Glamping!!

I haven’t gone camping in years. When I used to go, it was here; Turner Falls. I wish I still had pictures to show the climb after reaching the top of the water fall because the view is breath taking.  During those camping trips, I slept in a tent. However, as I’ve gotten older and watching way too many scary movies, tents were off limits if I ever went camping again. That was until I learned about Glamping.  A nice way to compromise between a cabin and tent.

I want to buy the items below but the hubster said I’m doing the most. I mean who wants to get up in the middle of the night to walk to the bath house to do their business?  Ain’t nobody got time for that.

We’ll only be staying one night as I wanted to make sure we’d like the place before committing to more days. I’m trying to determine what we’ll eat. There is nothing better than a steak that has been cooked on a grill. So I’m thinking we should have:

Dinner: Steak. Baked potatoes, which I may prepare just before we leave. Salad. Devil eggs, which I will make the night before.

Snacks: Smores. Chips and dip.

Breakfast: Coffee. Orange juice. Cereal (less work) LOL!

Drinks: Wine. Water. Diet Coke. Beer. Maybe some milk for the smores.

I plan on bringing Scrabble so I can kick the hubsters booty (Ha) and I may bring the laptop so that we can watch movies.

Either way, I’m looking forward to this adventure with him. I have so many things planned for us to do as a couple and family. The family activities are dependent on the behavior of our kids.


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