Hysterectomy Part 2. *WARNING* Surgical pictures included in post.

You can read Part 1 – Here.

The last thing I remember is being rolled out the room and my hubby giving me a kiss, followed by this….

I remember coming out of surgery and couldn’t stop my teeth from chattering. I don’t remember if I was cold or not but I do remember blankets being put on me. The next few posts are from when I posted on Facebook, so I’ll just be copying and pasting what I’d written on there.

My surgery was on the 22nd of July 2015.

I know the one thing that helped was not having morphine. The last surgery I had, we learned that I’m allergic to it. Plus I was on some other (medication) good shit, so I didn’t feel much of anything. Another issue was my blood pressure. It kept going up but the nurses were finally able to get it under control. Or maybe it was my temperature. It was one of them…LOL!!

July 23, 2015

Up walking to get my insides/intestines going. Had some complications with the surgery. Took about 5 hrs. Lou has been extremely helpful. Even with having to change me..lol. Hoping to get out of here by the weekend. Gotta get my intestines to going and get over this fever. Thanks so much for all the prayers. It was a bit hard being here in the floor with mommys who had just given birth but as always, some things just weren’t in the cards for me. Cyber hugs and love…

A look at my tummy all bandaged up. 

July 24, 2015

Things we take for granted. Like a bath/shower. I haven’t had one since Wednesday morning. So yup, I’m smelling a lil ripe…lol. Waiting for doctor to come in to remove bandage and hopefully let me know when I can leave. Overall, recovery is going well. Hopefully there’s sounds going on in my tummy.

Off with the bandages

I finally pooted aka farted. That’s one thing the doctor wants after having surgery. I cant go home til i release some major gas. Please pray that I keep it up. Yeah that’s kind of personal but hell, one has to do what one has to do….lol. Cyber hugs and love….

Got a shower. Ate some real food and now im going home. Prayers worked for the gas too cause it kept coming….Wooohooo.

July 26

Oh so sexy…woot! Woot! Shower and wash the hair day. 4 days post op. Had to get out for some fresh air. Definitely didn’t overdo it though; at least I hope not. Bout to take pain med for the night though and crawl into bed….Took a few pics. I sooo love sailboats and cabooses…

July 27

Feeling like crap today. Sore like I’ve been punched a million times in the stomach. Definitely overdid it yesterday. And feeling emotional with no real reason as to why.

July 28

Feeling so much better today. So easy to wanna get up and do stuff when youre not in any pain. Yesterday was bad BUT lesson has been learned. Cyber hugs and love yall….

Part 3 is up next…

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