Hysterectomy Part 3. *WARNING* Surgical pictures included in post.

I need to see if there are any pictures available of my uterus. I asked my gyn what it looked like due to the Fibroids and she said “Imagine what Mickey Mouse looks like?!? That would be what your uterus looked like. The hubster was able to see it and….well yeah *sad face*. The crazy thing about the surgery is that my gyn wasnt able to locate my right ovary, so we have no idea if it dissolved or what.

July 31

Had to have post op appt. today due to a slight issue. Good news – somewhat! I’ve lost almost 20lbs. Woot! Woot! Don’t have much of an appetite at all but need to be careful. Bad news: Had to take bottom staples out due to drainage AND looks like the lower half is trying to split open. Didn’t seem to close. Sooo, we wait and see and I’m to keep as dry as possible. Worse case scenario is having to do wound care. Been there! Done that! Not trying to do again – EVER! No HRT. Going a different route to deal with my body being “off”. Damn you crying spells and insomnia *Throws up fist* I go in Wed. to remove the upper half of staples.  *1 week and 2 days post op.*

Had a bad reaction to the tape used

1st picture: In 2008, I had a laparotomy done. In the process my intestines were punctured. Another surgeon was called in and I had to be opened up for intestines to be repaired. I had severe adhesion’s at this point from the multiple surgeries previously. I had some complications after the staples were removed and ended up needing wound care. The second pic is of my second belly button after wound care.

Last pic . With this surgery, my doctor removed a lot of scar tissue. As you can see, no more second belly button. I kind of miss it cause it had become a part of me. Weird huh? Today I was just thinking how I did everything I could to become a mom (biologically) and I can be at peace knowing that I did try. This chapter, which started in 2003, may be closed for good BUT another chapter has been opened. I can (now) concentrate on living and having fun without pain or worrying that aunt flo will show up unannounced.

August 3rd

Had to take a trip to see doctor. The good: All staples are out. Bad: Wound care. Very bottom just didn’t want to close and the wound is pretty deep. Pray for Lou that he doesnt pass out from having to pack the wound – LOL! Has to be done twice a day til it heals with a trip to doctors twice a week. Even so…I’m still gone keep smiling damnit and continue to be thankful that there were/are no major complications. Lou has really been awesome at taking care of me as well.

August 5th

Good news: bottom half is healing and hurts like hell, especially when getting cleaned. The doctor made me cry. Bad news: upper half above wound trying to separate *son of a b*tch*. If all goes well though, wound should heal within the next 2-3 weeks. Worse case scenario? Another surgery! Hellz to the naah! Praying it doesn’t come to that. Lou is definitely getting some medical knowledge…lol. Overall, NO REGRETS! I know this will all be worth it once I get over this minor hurdle. Be glad when I can drank too! Mmmm….tequila! Cyber hugs and love yall…

August 6

Total for surgery/hospital stay… $92,435.00. Im getting a detailed bill cause that don’t even sound right. Surgery was about 6 hrs. Hospital stay was 2 nights/3 days. Only have to pay a copay but even so.

August 30

My happy face. 1 month and a day, today, since surgery. Had post op appt this morning. Wounds are healing awesomely. They’re healing a little too quickly, so doctor debride wounds as always. I dont let Lou cause that ish is painful. I can smack his hands. I cant do that to the doctor…lol. So good news is – NO SURGERY! Still no driving, heavy lifting, etc. will see at the 6 week mark….Cant wait til Im completely healed. Got sooo much I wanna do. Cyber hugs and love yall..


My wounds finally healed. I have a scar from the bottom of my navel to the center of my pubic bone. I have a bit of scar tissue between my (upper) pubic bone and lower abdomen. It hurts like hell at times but at the moment, I have NO plans on doing another surgery to get rid of it.


I still get a bit emotional. Sometimes the pain is so overwhelming that I cant breathe.  I will never fully understand why I had to endure infertility, lose my (em)babies and then having to undergo a hysterectomy. Whatever tiny bit of hope I had of becoming a mom, biologically, was now gone because of the hysterectomy. In a sense – I’m still grieving. I don’t think something like this ever leaves you.

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