Journey To Healthier Hair

After having my hysterectomy, it seemed as though my hair started coming out more and more. I’m not sure if the hair loss was/is due to hormones (I’m on HRT’S), having hypothyroidism, relaxing and/or dying my hair. Whatever the case may be, there were days when I was almost in tears due to the amount of hair I was losing.

That led me to start cutting my hair recently. Interesting enough, it’s been awhile since I’ve relaxed my hair, and I’ve noticed that the grey hair hasn’t come back as quickly as it normally does. Also since cutting the relaxed hair, my hair hasn’t been breaking off as much. I’m thinking it’s a combination of my hair being relaxed and medical issues that resulted in my hair being a hot ass mess.

When my hair is in its natural state, I think it’s really pretty and I love seeing my curl pattern. However, my curl pattern and texture is different in certain areas and it’s thick; even with all the hair loss. Those “issues” is what leads to my becoming frustrated, which in turn leads me to relaxing my hair. I know at this point, it’ll just take discipline and patience.

2015 – My natural hair when I’ve gone without relaxing it for awhile. Some areas are still relaxed.

I had my hair trimmed a few weeks ago and even with the trim, I was still experiencing hair loss, so I’ve slowly been cutting the relaxed ends off. I’m going to leave a bit of length in the front and upper portion of my head. My head is shaped too funny to cut it all the way down. I’ll just cut the relaxed ends off as my hair transitions and grows. I do need a professional to clean it up a bit.

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The shrinkage is real…

After research upon research, I know that moisture is super important for natural hair. Also, not washing my hair as often as I do. I’m using the products below and I’ve ordered a few other products to try out. I’ve also need to get into the habit of wearing my silk wrap to bed. I’ve noticed that on the side that I sleep on, the edges are a hot mess.

It can be time consuming dealing with natural hair but it’ll be worth it. I know another key to maintaining natural hair is learning one’s hair type, texture, etc.  I’m gonna need a professional for that…LOL! Luckily, I’ve found a hair salon that specializes in natural hair. She’ll also be doing my protective style. I’m leaning towards crochet braids.

I absolutely love the young lady’s hair in the Youtube video below.

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