Not So Random Thoughts

Today was a pretty productive day for me. First I deactivated my Facebook account. I then forced myself to get up early so that I could knock out my household chores. I purged items in my closet to give to Goodwill. I organized my file cabinet and just a whole bunch of other stuff I knocked out today that I felt needed to be done. I hate clutter or not being organized.

I’ve taken a leave of absence from school; just a week. My thoughts are all over the place at the moment. At times I don’t think it has fully sunk in that my sister has died. She has died. No matter how much I say that to myself, it’s so hard to grasp. On top of that, family members on my hubsters side of the family are dealing with medical issues. I’m just so weary of dealing with all of this. Just when I’ve started to heal from one grief, another one happens.

I was going to a Yoga class this evening until I realized it’s hot yoga. I need a beginners, beginner class.

I thought I was going to be highly upset about doing the big chop today once the realization set in that I cut my hair this short. I’m just happy that I don’t have to see clumps of my hair coming out. Plus, my natural curls are POPPIN’. I will make another blog post with regard to an update

I’m eating Chinese tonight. To include sushi.

I ordered my kids school supplies today to be shipped from Wal-Mart. I swear it seems like every school year, the list gets longer and longer.

If you’re not using Wal-Mart pick-up grocery, you’re missing out. I only go to Wal-Mart if I have to now.

Amazon Prime is the bomb diggity.

I hate feeling sick and some people not understanding how badly I feel (mentally, physically, and emotionally) because I don’t look sick. All one has to do is use Google to get a better understanding of what I’m going through.

I’m going to attempt to be off the electronics by 9 p.m. so I can either watch a movie or read a book before heading to bed. Discipline is usually not my strong suit in that department *sigh*

I cant wait to get the bags Ive made mailed off. Hopefully the ones that have ordered, will use the hashtag so that I can see the smiles on their faces. That would make me so happy.

This is gonna get long and it’s almost time for sushi. Mmmm sushi!!

Be Blessed,

Southern Princess

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