2017 into 2018; Goals

I’ve always been someone that said when I’d do something, I did it. Ya know, the kind of person you could depend on; whether it was doing something for myself or others. Over the years, I’ve sort of lost myself. I’m hoping to find her before the year is out so I can start anew for the new year.

Some things I want to get back into doing and some things that need to be done…

PRIORITY: Church. I need church. Whether it’s going to a Wednesday service or Sunday service. I’m not an overly religious person but without God as front and center in my life, life for me will always be upside down. I know that life is full of ups and downs but when you have more downs than ups, something has to change.

Volunteering in some type of capacity

Staying focused on college

Get together with other couples at least once a month; whether it’s hosting a movie night at our home or meeting up somewhere else for dinner, movies and/or drinks.

Blogging, writing and reading more

Limit my time on social media

Date nights

Start having the kids over on the weekend. All the drama that’s happened over the last year *angry face*

Try to make amends with my family. Whatever happens will be after I’ve sent my letter out

Start cooking more at home to save money

Go over important papers so the hubster and I will be prepared for retirement, job loss, illness, etc.

Make doctor, dental and eye appointments for the hubster and I. Also make sure my children are up to date on theirs.

Start eating healthy and exercising

Start putting more work into my organization. I need to submit paperwork to the state to make it official. But first to get a P.O. Box with a physical address which can be done at the UPS store. *Woot*

I’d really love to do the Color Vibe in Atlanta. It’ll be right before our 6th year wedding anniversary and we could make a weekend of it *smiling*. I’ve always wanted to visit Stone Mountain. I see they’ve added RV rentals, and Yurt rentals.

I want to smile/laugh more. I’ve missed that!!




One thought on “2017 into 2018; Goals

  1. Hi there! Good goals! I used to live in Georgia (long time ago) and I’ve been to Stone Mountain. 🙂 I’d love to go back too.

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