2018 and Not So Random Thoughts…

I was going to write a post about how 2017 went; I’ll make a separate posts on how Christmas Eve and Christmas day went because it was awesome. I decided not to because I’m focused on 2018. I have reflected back on 2017 in hopes of not making some of the same mistakes.

I’m introverted, well unless I’ve been drinking (LOL).  I don’t enjoy talking on the phone. I love to write and hate small talk. I prefer bookstores, thrift stores (I loathe going to the mall). I prefer music (particularly jazz) over watching television unless it’s a documentary or a movie I think I’d enjoy watching. I love the relationship I have with God; even when my Faith is tested.  I’ve also noticed that if my hair isn’t right, I don’t feel “put together”, so I need to do better at keeping myself up. I loathe heels but have learned I do better with chunkier heels. I’m a mixture of femininity, sexiness and being a rebel. I will be saying “Fuck and Fucking” a lot because those are 2 of my favorite words; hell, I just like cussing. I don’t need anyone telling me it’s “unladylike”.  I plan on taking advantage of our gorgeous beach here this summer. We loved going to Bands on the Beach.

There’s some other activities (for myself, as a couple and as a family) I have in the works but sometimes ya just have to keep some shit to yourself.

I plan on stepping out (more) of my comfort zone but keeping in mind that I wont be forced to do so. As an example, I have two gatherings to attend (all women) and probably wont know anyone there. I do feel that it’s important that we as women a have a “tribe“. I’m coming to understand that when you stay true to who you are, the possibilities are endless and you’ll find yourself much happier.

As a responsible adult, you’ll know when to let loose and when to pump the breaks.

2018 is going to be LIT; God willing!


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