Thrift Store Fashion

I think I’ll start blogging about some of the great finds I come across at our local thrift stores, but first, let me get this out the way.

I dress how I want, in what I want. I know when it’s appropriate and when it’s not to wear certain types of clothing. That’s as far as I’m explaining myself. If you’re easily offended when it comes to cleavage, showing tons of skin, etc. then I’m sure there are other blogs that will suit your needs.

I mainly shop at Goodwill and last week I found this cute to me dress. I think it’s supposed to be a shirt but I’m so short that I think I could pull it off as a dress. LOL! The price was $6.00 + tax. I’m so used to shopping in my previous size (20-22, XXL) that it’s hard to believe that I can get into a size large. Sometimes I have to go to an XL depending on the clothing.

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