Yesterday’s Workout!

Not sure exactly when or how I hurt my shoulder but it definitely affected me yesterday while working out. I had to do some modifications and not go as heavy with the weights for my left shoulder. If it’s not better by next week, then I’ll need to get it checked out because moving it a certain way hurts like a mutha.

I’ll be working out again in the morning and decided today that I’ll start going in 3x’s a week (plus my workout on Sunday mornings) instead of 2. I want to change my mindset on how I view Monday’s and start appreciating that I’ve been given another chance, to see another day. Plus I really do enjoy going to workout. I know there are some things to be concerned about as I get older, but hopefully with exercising and taking better care of myself, I can help lessen the blow.

There’s a 5k coming up in September to bring awareness to mental health/mental illness. I plan to participate and hope to run the majority of it since this is such a good cause. Instead of walking the majority of the time on the treadmill at the gym, I’ve started running more and hopefully that’ll help prepare me for the 5k. Never thought I’d be someone that enjoys running and yet I do. And who knows, just maybe I’ll step out of my comfort zone to do a half marathon. Maybe! LOL!

Here is a great article on learning how to love running. Hate Running? 25 Ways to Love it!

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