Thrift Store Fashion

I found this “cute to me” dress at the thrift store a few weeks ago. At first I wasn’t going to buy it because I have another dress that’s similar but with longer sleeves and not that much different color wise + it’s a large and I’m still getting used to that since being on this weight loss/management journey. The cost for the dress was around $6.00 give or take + tax.

I’ve had the high heels (bought from Shoe Dazzle; Robyn Crochet Shootie Stiletto) for years but I think I’ve yet to wear them out because (1), the heel is high as hell and (2), whew lawd the pain I feel in my ankles. I’m more of a tennis shoes, barefoot, flip flops kinda gal but do love wearing high heels. I think if I wore them more often, my fear (busting my ass aka falling) of wear heels like the ones in the picture wouldn’t be that big of an issue. I don’t have a problem wearing high heels that have a chunkier heel.

And since I can be extra asf (as fxck) sometimes, naturally I turned it into a photo shoot. LOL! I need to either buy a new tripod or figure out where the attachment is that holds my phone.

I also found the wig (it’s been washed) I’m wearing at the thrift store and that was $4.00 give or take + tax. It’s a lace front wig but since I don’t know how to do those, I’ll need to find someone to do it for me. I was shocked to find it but have come across several since buying this one. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find one in the color I wear. Definitely cant beat the price considering how much good quality lace fronts go for.

I tried tucking the lace part in but yeah, I need a professional to install this because I’m too nervous to cut the lace part correctly.
192 pounds and Thickalicious

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