Impingement Syndrome; Shoulder

Ice Ice Baby!

I have never experienced pain like this in my shoulders/arms before, so I thought maybe it was just soreness from my pushing myself to go a bit heavier with the weights on certain exercises. Until I went to urgent care today and found out I’m dealing with impingement syndrome of the shoulder.

What is shoulder impingement syndrome?

“This is a painful pinching of soft tissues in your shoulder. It happens when these tissues rub and press against a part of your shoulder blade called the “acromion.” This can irritate your rotator cuff tendons, and also a soft sac called the “subacromial bursa.”  (The Institute for Athletic Medicine, 2020)

When I say that shit hurts when I move it the wrong way, I ain’t playing and this is coming from someone with a somewhat high tolerance for pain. I can see why it would be easy not wanting to do the exercises needed to help with this, out of fear from the amount of pain you think you may have. However, I’d rather work on those exercises, than to develop a frozen shoulder.

The goal right now is to ice it once or twice a day for 15-20 minutes. I was given a list of exercises to do, to help me recover. I cant do any type of exercises like overhead bench presses or pull downs. Nor throwing or lifting anything above/over my head. I can take ibuprofen or aspirin for the pain and I was given a prescription for steroids. I’m not going to take before talking with my oncologist and primary doctor.

I have a referral with sports medicine for physical therapy. The last thing I want is to lose strength, muscle and my ability to use my arm. I’m beyond grateful that this didn’t happen on my right shoulder since I’m right handed. I’ll be doing what I need to do so I don’t end up needing surgery.

The recovery time is around 6-8 weeks.

Whew lawd! If it aint one thing it’s another with this body of mine but this too shall pass. I’ll keep my head up, smile, cry when I need to, rest, pray and keep working towards my goals.

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