First Workout Today; Planet Fitness

I will definitely be going back to my regular gym once I’ve seen the physical therapist this week about my shoulder injury. I enjoyed having structure + it’s just a better vibe and fit for me. However, I do like the fact that now the hubs and I can workout together cause he is so not into doing HIIT.

My plan is to downgrade my membership at my gym so that we’re still able to keep the membership with Planet Fitness. The downgrade would give me 8 workouts a month; so 2 days a week at Regymen and 3 days a week at Planet Fitness.

I woke up as I normally would, 5:30 a.m. to make it to PF by 6. Once there, I let the person know at the front desk that it was my first time there. I would have expected her to show me around or at the very least tell me that if I had any questions, to come get her. If she was the only one working, she could have stated that and I would have understood…..but she didn’t. She just showed me how to use the app to sign in. That bothered me a bit.

Within the app, you’re able to track your workouts. There are a ton of free exercises and a monthly subscription for $5.99, which gives you access to exclusive and live workouts. I walked on the treadmill for a little over 40 minutes and burnt 205 calories. I then came home and did some core exercises + finished up some home and outdoor work. All said and done, I burnt quite a few calories and went over 10,000 steps; which is my goal. Sometimes I make those 10,000 steps and sometimes I don’t. I use a Fitbit to track my steps, etc.

Attempting to not let my injury be an excuse for me to not workout. I cant do everything that I’d like to do workout wise, but I can do something. Now pray for me as I attempt to cut down eating so much bread.

Hard to believe that I’ve managed to lose almost 60 pounds and counting!

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