Walking to Get Healthy

Walking is one of my favorite things to do because (1) I’m getting some exercise in and (2) being outdoors does wonders for my soul and (3) I learn quite a bit of history about my city and surrounding cities when I stop to read the plaques/signs posted (4) I find myself meeting new people.

The weather here n Florida can be so unpredictable and lately all it’s done is rain just about every day. Not today though so I decided to take advantage of it even though it was hot as hell outside. The real feel was around 91 I believe. Staying hydrated was very, very important and so I brought my water bottle with me filled with water and ice.

I brought a 100 calorie snack by Emerald, that has almonds, dried cranberries, and cashews to eat on my walk. I also brought a protein bar by One (the blueberry is so good), which was half way melted by the time I returned to the car. The next time I’ll bring my insulated bag with ice pack to out it in.

There’s no rhyme or reason as to how I walk. I may start off slow and then pick up the pace and stay that way. Or it’ll be a slow but steady type walk. A lot depends on my mood and what I’m trying to accomplish with my walk that day. Plus I also like to take in my surroundings, read interesting facts, snap pictures of flowers, wildlife, etc.

We have a really nice and well kept Veterans Memorial Park here for our fallen heroes. I always stop by there on my walks. I bought a book that is all about the Vietnam War. I started reading a few pages but had to stop because the book also includes pictures. Please do not click this link if you will feel triggered (may not be the right word to even use) in any sort of way as they are pictures from the Vietnam War. As a former military spouse, working at a Veterans hospital, the mistreatment of our Veterans….anger, sadness….are just a few words that come to mind with how I can feel.

*Photos Enlarge When You Click On them*

I’m very big on watching documentaries or movies based upon true life events and I have truly gained a new respect for war journalists/correspondents and photographers. Please do not click this link if you will feel triggered in any sort of way as they are pictures from the Vietnam War.

I recently watched a movie called “A Private War (Netflix)“, which felt like it had nothing to do with the actual wars going on but the private war going on within Marie Colvin after witnessing some of the most horrific acts of violence. I could be wrong thought! “

“THESE ARE PEOPLE WHO HAVE NO VOICE…” “…I feel I have a moral responsibility towards them, that it would be cowardly to ignore them. If journalists have a chance to save their lives, they should do so.”

(Marie Colvin)

When I’m passionate about something, I can write for hours. I’ve always had a passion for helping others. Maybe that’s why I can relate, in some way, shape of form, to the types of movies that I watch and the type of books that I read. The lack of humanity that I see around me hurts me to my core. I’ve put my life in danger numerous times but I don’t think about that at that moment. But anywho….it’s way past my bedtime so let me wrap this up.

Sometimes I have to tell myself to stop walking or I’ll keep going. One day I’m gonna end up doing what Forrest did in Forrest Gump; which is up there as one of my favorite movies. However, I wouldn’t be running and I wouldn’t be walking to escape from whatever pain and grief I’d be feeling. But you never know because life is so full of ups and downs. Walking to me also represents freedom sort-a-speak.

My total steps after walking

My aim for steps per day is 10,000 and I never have a problem reaching that when I’m out walking. It’s suggested that adults get at least 150 minutes of exercise per week, and 2 days a week of strength training. All in all, I had a nice walk, even if though I ended up a sweaty, hot mess. I ended up taking a cool shower when I returned home and took a nap. I’ll leave a few links below on the benefits of walking and Health.gov has a ton of information on their website.

The Health Benefits of Walking

Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, second edition. (PDF and worth reading)

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