My Appt. with the Sports Medicine Specialist

X-ray of my shoulder

As suspected, it’s indeed shoulder impingement. “Shoulder Impingement Syndrome is a fancy word for “pinching” of the rotator cuff muscles in the shoulder. The muscles get pinched between two bones (the humeral head and the acromion process) and this causes inflammation. Inflammation will lead to more pinching and that is what causes pain. ( Source: Bone and Joint Specialist, 2021)

Hospital shirts and gowns are so sexy said nobody ever. LOL!

The x-ray tech goes to scan and see’s nothing but metal. LOL! I’m like wtf in my head? Somehow I forgot to remove my bra. But as the x-ray technician stated, “you may be able to fool yourself but you cant foo the machine.” LOL!

My doctor is amazing and explained in detail what shoulder impingement is and gave me a ton more range of motion exercises to do. Thankfully there are no tears in my rotator cuff. While you definitely need to rest the shoulder, it also must be exercised to help strengthen it. The key is paying attention to my body when I’m doing the range of motion exercises. Not having full range of my shoulder sucks!

It’s still a little sore after 2 days of receiving it but if this will help, I’m here for it.

I was given a cortisone shot in my shoulder and I’ll return in about 6 weeks to be re-evaluated. I can say that while I still have some pain in my shoulder, it’s not nearly as bad before receiving the shot. I have a bit of soreness where the shot was given but that’s to be expected. So far no major adverse side effects. I’ll continue to refrain from what we believe was the cause until I’m seen again.

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