Fort Pickens – Part 1(Picture Overload)

Fort Pickens – Click to Enlarge

I’ve visited here plenty of times. And each time, I’m always in complete awe of the history, and the architecture. You can read about the history here: Fort Pickens.

The price for admission:
Per person (pedestrian, cyclist, etc. 1-7 days) – $15
Motorcycle (1-7 days) – $20
Vehicle (1-7 days) – .$25
Park Annual Pass – $45

You can camp at Fort Pickens; RV or tent with electric and non electric sites. There’s access to the beaches, which to me are a lot less crowded and you can fish. If you plan to camp or just hang out for the day, I suggest doing research before heading over, as in keeping track of the weather and possible closures. From the website “Warning: Fort Pickens Campground / Road is subject to flooding, evacuations, closures due to severe weather; Please make alternate plans for last minute cancellations.”

Finding shade may be an issue at some of the sites – hurricanes tend to destroy our trees. Considering how hot and humid it can get here during the summer months, keep that in mind if you plan to tent camp. If you’d like to go have dinner somewhere or visit the main beach (Pensacola Beach), take into account how far you’ll have to drive. It’ll take about 22 minutes, one way.

Is it worth it? Absolutely!

The View From Up There is Amazing!

There are several places to stop and visit before actually getting to the fort. I always like to stop at this particular site to walk up the hill. The view from up there is amazing and sometimes I just sit to take it all in.

Click To Enlarge

It has been incredibly hot here in Pensacola this year and if you plan to be out in this heat, you have to stay hydrated. I’ve come across so many people without water with them and will have some tell me that bringing the water jug that I do, is a good idea. I found the one that I carry from ROSS. I’m looking to upgrade to one that has straps.

Since it was close to lunch, once I made my way back down, I sat in my car and ate the lunch that I brought with me. Before starting this weight management journey, it would have been nothing for me to stop at a fast food place to grab something to eat. Sometimes I’ll just drink a shake for lunch or I’ll drink half of it along with lunch to get my calories in and some protein. The strawberry shake from the Atkins line, is my favorite.

Low carb tortilla, 3 ounces of grilled chicken, lettuce, avocado to use instead of mayo, half a shake and some strawberries.

After lunch I headed over to the fort and started my adventure. Again, no matter how many times I’ve been here, I still find myself in awe of this fort.


The Entrance Into Fort Pickens
Pitch Black unless you use a flash. It’s a dead end too!
You can walk inside
People walk that crosswalk to the otherside. I’ll pass..LOL!

That concludes the first half of the pictures.

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