Weightloss/Management Journey

248 and Some Change

I initially started this journey back in 2017. I was tired of being sick and tired + being told I was going to possibly go on medication for high blood pressure and being pre-diabetic was enough to take action.

I decided to go to a weight management clinic (August 2017), which our insurance pays for – the co-payment. I weighed in at 246.1 (before going I was 248.6 or maybe 248.1 or 2) with a BMI of 43.2. My visceral fat was at a 16. Visceral fat is what you can’t see and can be harmful. Click on the link to learn more about visceral fat. Visceral fat.

With my having hypothyroidism, weight loss/fat can be hard. However, once I started losing weight through dieting and exercising, + taking my medication reguarly, I (keyword I) couldnt use having a thyroid issue as an excuse. I was offered phentermine (back in 2017) and decided to take it. In doing so, along with eating right and exercising, I was losing the weight too fast and stopped taking it.

We were going on a cruise soon (in Oct) and I had just bought clothes that would have been way too small and I was beyond my return date.

Fast forward to May 2020, before Covid hit. I had gotten down to 206.3 My BMI was at 35.3 and my visceral fat at 13. I had also started taking HIIT classes and restarted with the phentermine. I was watching what I ate but can’t recall if I had started tracking what I ate at the time. My high blood pressure became normal and for the first time in forever, my A1c was at a 5.5 which put me out of the pre-diabetic range…….but then Covid hi

When Covid hit, I stopped exercising reguarly and watching what I ate; I believe I wasn’t on the phentermine reguarly either because it’s only available through prescription. And as a result of that, my weight started to creep back up and so did my A1c, which put me back into the pre-diabetic range. Once the world started slowly opening back up, I knew it was time to get back in gear.

Fast forward to 2021. I went back to the the weight management clinic, which I highly suggest if you are struggling with weight loss/management and need help. My doctor gives me all the tools I need before we even move forward with the medication. The tools are: how many calories to eat a day, watching my carbs (which doesnt mean you cut out carbs completely), exercise tips, and she explained to me about insulin resistance + a host of other things that would help me on this journey. She gave me the tools but it was up to me to get my ass in gear. You can exercise until you’re blue in the face but if you’re eating trash…well.

My lastest stats (May 26, 2021) at the clinic are:

Weight: 198.8.

BMI: 34.8.

Visceral fat: 12.

With the phentermine, I was on a low dose (I’m currently not taking it), 15 mgs but could go up to 30. I chose to stay at a low dose. There are risks to taking phentermine so it’s not something to be taken lightly. I’m currently on a break fro doing hiit because I injured my shoulder but will be starting soon. In the meantime, I go to Planet Fitness and recently found that I could do exercises at Planet Fitness, through the app, if you’re a member. You just log in and pick a routine.

Planet Fitness starts at $10 a month; 12 month commitment. I chose the Blackcard because you can bring a guest. That membership is $22.99 a month, with no commitment. Yes, it’s more than the classic plan but I don’t like the idea of doing the commitment thing with them. Sometimes there isn’t a startup fee and the annual cost for whatever membership you chose is $39.00.

I also get plenty of exercise when I’m out adventuring. I am for at least 10,000 steps a day; sometimes I make it and some times I don’t. The goal is doing at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, which I’m currently slipping on because I juust don’t have the discpline to force myself to go to Planet Fitness. I’m someone that needs structure with coaches, which is what I get from going to Regymen.

I also started logging what I eat through MyFitnessPal. And let me tell you, that’s been a game changer. You will be amazed at what you find (ingredient wise) in foods, even foods that are supposed to be “healthy”. I was shocked to learn how the calories in condiments can quickly add up. Yeah, it may seem like a pain but all you have to do is scan the barcodes. If I plan to eat out, I can usually find the food I plan to eat on the MyFitnessPal app to add. If I cant, then I’ll just pick what it is I’m eating and choose a higher calorie item that may be listed.

However, there are times when I don’t even bother and usually those are times when I want to splurge. My goal is to have a healthy relationship with food and not develope an eating disorder or become obsessive in tracking what I eat.

Another tip is getting plenty of sleep. I’m usually asleep by 10 p.m or no later than 11 unless I’m out and about. I have limited my coffee intake as well as alcohol. I don’t drink soda often but when I do, it’s sugar free. I’m going back to Hellofresh because I hate cooking. Trying to meal plan is just not my thing. Again, I watch my carb intake but I still eat bread – I go for a multigrain one and that’s gluten free since Im gluten sensitive. I try to drink between 40-64 ounces of water daily. I also drink Atkins shakes; sometimes I’ll do half a shake for breakfast and then half a shake for lunch along with something else. Or I’ll drink a whole shake for lunch.

What I’ve learned through this journey is – YOU HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF YOU!

Overall, my main goal is to not be on medication for medical issues that I can control if at all possible. I’m not aiming for a 6 pack and I know that my tummy won’t be completely flat with just a panniculectomy and I’m okay with that. I have loose skin in some area’s and not concerned with that as well. I absolutely love me some me, but I do not like that panniculus area, which is why I’m leaning towards doing the panniculectom

My weight loss goal has been 180. It’s also the requirement for me to get the panniculectomy (which is not the same as a tummy tuck) done. I finally reached my goal of 180 this month. However, I’m now aiming for 160 – 170 to give me a bit of wiggle room. I want to make sure I’m comfortable at being able to maintain my weight before I have surgery.

I will have to do another post on what I eat, etc.


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