My Journey to Getting Healthy; Update

My initial goal weight was 180 but I’ve changed it to around 170 to give myself some wiggle room. I havent been as focused on getting down to 170 over the past month or so. Mainly due to my final class which had me rethinking my whole life as a student. Pissed off was an understatement. I know 140 is the “recommended” weight for my height, but 140 does not look good on me.

Now let’s talk about Thanksgiving! Whew lawd the struggle was real. When you can’t cook and eat some real home cooking….let’s just say I went from 178.8 to 182.4 (over a 2 day period) LOL! I’m currently at 180.4. For the most part, my weight has been between 177 – 180ish; which is still within my goal weight.

I won’t make the mistake I did for Thanksgiving but so not beating myself up about it. I didnt eat, like I normally do, so I could pig out for dinner. Later that night, I ended up being miserable as hell from over-eating. I will do better for Christmas dinner though.

Now for the updates. I was at 248.2 before I started seeing my doctor at the weight management clinic. There have definitely been some highs and lows from the first time I saw my doctor until now. Especially when the pandemic hit. I stopped exercising, eating healthy, was stressed the.fuck.out….whew lawd!

However, once you realize that nobody is going to take care of you, the way you need to take care of you – I got my ass back in gear.

In order to qualify for the panniculectomy to be covered through insurance, I have to see a doctor + be able to have the phentermine prescribed to me. I’ve also learned so much from her about insulin resistance, the problems from having high levels of visceral fats, how high levels of cortisol can aid in weight gain, and so much more.

I am still on the fence about having the panniculectomy done. I know that it would make a huge difference having the excess skin removed, I just dont know if I want to put my body through any more surgeries. Whatever the case may be, I’m not where I used to be and I’m pretty proud of myself .

How it started (248.2) vs How it’s going (178.2)
The areas blacked out is the skin that would be removed having the panniculectomy

Stats on the first day I saw my doctor. (2017)

Weight: 246.1

BMI: 43.2

Body Fat %: 45.6

Visceral Fat: 16

May 26, 2021:

Weight: 198.8.

BMI: 34.8.

Body Fat %: 40.5

Visceral fat: 12.

August 26, 2021; I’m seeing her every 3 months now.

Weight: 184.1

BMI: 32.2 (Focusing on getting body and visceral fat down)

Body Fat %: 38.2 (Goal is less than 34%)

Visceral Fat: 11 (Goal is to get it less than 9)

Differences between May and August.

Weight Loss: 14.7

BMI Loss: 2.6

Body Fat % Loss: 2.3

Visceral Fat Loss: 1

I was due to go in on the 30th of Nov for my body scan. I’m going to wait until Feb. 2022 which is when I’ll go in to have my A1c retested. When I tested back in August, it was at 5.8. I retested this month and it’s at 5.7. The goal is to get it below 5.6. This was and continues to be my biggest reason for getting healthy.

Diabetes runs in my family and I’ve seen the damage that it can cause. Since being on this journey, I’m no longer pre-hypertensive either, which is something else that runs in my family. My father died from a heart attack. I write about this every time I do an update because I’m seeing, so far, that diabetes and heart disease are within my control.

I’m choosing not to take the metformin that’s been prescribed to me. I would like to get this (A1c) down through eating healthy and exercising first. I will make my decision to start the metformin, or not, when I retest in Feb.

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