Oak Mountain State Park; Review

This was a spur of the moment trip for me a few weeks ago. Oak Mountain is about 3 hrs and 45 minutes away from me; one way. It’s located in Pelham, Alabama. By the time I arrived home, it was around 10 p.m and I’d hit the road around 6 that morning.

Upon my arrival, I would come to see how huge it is. Since I was short on time, I didnt see nearly half of the park. Taken from the website: “From its humble beginning as a 940-acre park atop Double Oak Mountain established by the Alabama State Lands Act of 1927, Oak Mountain State Park has grown to 9,940 acres making it Alabama’s largest state park.”

Cost to get in was $5.00 and cash only.

There’s just too much to list in terms of camping and activities, so here are a few direct links.

There’s so much to do there, so please go to their website for further information. Oak Mountain State Park.

My Review

From the bit of exploring that I was able to do, I can see why the park stays booked up. I can’t give a review on the campgrounds, because again, I was limited on time. I love how well marked the trails are but still take a map with you. Know which trail you plan to hike ahead of time; especially since there are so many splits. I ended up having to take a family back to their car because they ended up on the opposite end. It would have been a long walk back and they were already tired.

I’m a sucker for waterfalls but let me tell yah. The hike down was no joke and had me rethinking my whole life. LOL! There were parts where you had to scoot on your ass. The hike back up to the parking lot was equally challenging but soooo worth it.

The view from Kings Chair was absolutely amazing. Once I reached the top, I sat for a moment to take in the smell the views and just being surrounded by nature. The hike there is on one helluva incline/very steep.

The bathrooms were very clean. The trails were well kept. I didn’t feel unsafe, but this doesnt mean you let your gaurd down. I met some pretty cool people from all over and I will definitely be going back to go camping with the hubs. I would absolutely recommend visiting here.

I didn’t check out the grille + I had brought my own food and water. Always, ALWAYS carry water, and other essentials when hiking. I don’t care whether I’m hiking, or hanging out at the beach, I have my backpack with the essentials + snacks + a huge water bottle + a few individual water bottles. I cannot stress this enough. The Ten Essentials

The next trip though will be to Amicalola State Park. Thats a bit over a 6 hour drive, so no way would I attempt to do that as a day trip.

Click Pictures To Enlarge (Pics not in the right order as I’ve posted *facepalm*)

Heading out
That moment when you realize you need to buy hiking shoes
That climb up was no joke
So worth it though
Always in awe of God’s wonders
Saw this cutie.
Taken with “professional” camera
Taken with “professional” camera
Fall colors
Was worth the climb down.
It’s cool that they built little side bridges so you’re not walking through the water
Heading back up! You will need to scoot on your ass at times.
Made it to the top and whew lawd.

Caught this beauty as it landed near my shoe
I have a fascination with capturing water with my camera. Weird since I’m an air sign *shrugs*

Video of My Adventure

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