About Me


Hi there y’all and welcome! I go by Sylvia, or Princess Sylvia.

I like to think I’m more along the lines of  Princess Fiona when Princess comes to mind. Realistic about life, feisty, and a (free) spirited adventurer.

I’m 40+ years old.  A college student majoring in Human Service, a survivor (read below), advocate, non-profit founder, introvert, happily married – although it’s not always “happily” as we all know that marriage is – Work! I’m a (bonus)mom of 8, and former foster mom to a boy. I was born and raised in the South and love the “slow” pace of life that comes with being Southern. God and I have a personal relationship and that’s all that matters in MY book, so I tend to be more Spiritual than religious.

My “lil” family. The hubster, myself, (bonus)children, foster son and niece.

I love photography, scented candles (True Rose by Yankee Candle), traveling, reading (think bookworm), sunflowers, writing, a clean (clutter free) home, gardening, the beach (we have a beautiful one here in my hometown), watching movies/documentaries (love Netflix) that are based on real life events, blogging, being a “kid at heart”, hanging out with those I consider family and friends, a nice glass or 3 of Moscato, Krispy Kreme donuts – a rare treat as I have to stay away from that place – Ha! I’ve come to the conclusion that I HATE cooking. So don’t be surprised if you’re served pizza and store bought cupcakes sometimes should you swing by my home for a spell. *cheesin* I’m doing my best to live a simple life.

I’m a survivor of: rape, domestic violence, infertility (after 11 years of trying, this journey has come to an end after having a hysterectomy), and (child) sexual abuse/incest. I’m still working to get my organization off the ground. My website is: http://www.oncebroken-nowhealing.org/. I became a widow in 2008 and definitely wasn’t looking to remarry. However, 3 years later, that all changed and I did.

Life surely hasn’t been easy but I’m thankful in more ways than one.  I do my best in choosing to be happy every.single.day and while there are days when I want to give up -I pray and focus on why I shouldn’t.



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