Hysterectomy Part 3. *WARNING* Surgical pictures included in post.

I need to see if there are any pictures available of my uterus. I asked my gyn what it looked like due to the Fibroids and she said “Imagine what Mickey Mouse looks like?!? That would be what your uterus looked like. The hubster was able to see it and….well yeah *sad face*. The crazy thing about the surgery is that my gyn wasnt able to locate my right ovary, so we have no idea if it dissolved or what.

July 31

Had to have post op appt. today due to a slight issue. Good news – somewhat! I’ve lost almost 20lbs. Woot! Woot! Don’t have much of an appetite at all but need to be careful. Bad news: Had to take bottom staples out due to drainage AND looks like the lower half is trying to split open. Didn’t seem to close. Sooo, we wait and see and I’m to keep as dry as possible. Worse case scenario is having to do wound care. Been there! Done that! Not trying to do again – EVER! No HRT. Going a different route to deal with my body being “off”. Damn you crying spells and insomnia *Throws up fist* I go in Wed. to remove the upper half of staples.  *1 week and 2 days post op.*

Had a bad reaction to the tape used

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Hysterectomy Part 2. *WARNING* Surgical pictures included in post.

You can read Part 1 – Here.

The last thing I remember is being rolled out the room and my hubby giving me a kiss, followed by this….

I remember coming out of surgery and couldn’t stop my teeth from chattering. I don’t remember if I was cold or not but I do remember blankets being put on me. The next few posts are from when I posted on Facebook, so I’ll just be copying and pasting what I’d written on there.

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Finally! A Name To My Disorder…

When I was in middle school, a huge bump/lump developed under my right ear. I remember being so embarrassed and being made fun of it. My parents finally took me to the hospital and all I remember is being told it was some type of (benign) tumor and that I’d need to have surgery to have it removed.

The only memory that I have is waking up in the hospital with this tube placed inside of the incision(opening) under the stitches I had. At the end was a bulb that collected the drainage. Continue reading “Finally! A Name To My Disorder…”

After Years of Neglect…

After years of neglecting myself, my body is starting to feel the effects of it. It seems as though with my slowing down which has only been 3 months –  has it all come to the surface. And this bitch (my body) aint playing.

Yesterday, I had to take a trip to Urgent Care. My headaches were becoming worse, as well as the dizziness and OMFG, the extreme fatigue. Bottom line is – it’s all a result of being anemic, having hypothyroidism and my newly dx of  pre-hypertension. The doctor got on me during the exam and had the nerve to say “yeah right” after asking me, as I was leaving, if I were going to see my primary doctor. I had responded with “yes” and “I promise” which prompted the – yeah right – from him. I totally get where he was coming from though. We never tend to do something until it’s gotten so far out of hand that there’s nothing left to do. Considering my father had a pace-maker and later died from a heart attack. Shit is getting real.

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I’m Fat…


Ive told myself that a time or two in regards to the picture above..

I purposely bought some clothes, hoping that Id get down to where I feel comfy in being – weight wise. Im not there – YET!

I almost cried today while trying on some clothes because point blank….


Im ALL for self empowerment and the empowerment of others but I also don’t like sugar coating anything either. I completely understand there are issues (personal and medical) that can cause weight gain and also make it difficult to lose weight as I suffer from hypothyroidism. I also know that not exercising, not drinking water and eating JUNK can AND will contribute to one being overweight.

When I met my now husband, I wore “sexy” things for him. I was always presentable as well, even before I met him. When you start packing on the weight, it changes you. Now I don’t feel comfortable at all wearing those ‘sexy” things. Im always in an old t-shirt and shorts. I became THAT wife and woman. I have to do better. I want to do better but right now I don’t have the motivation – at.all. Mainly because Im idle and stuck at home until we get a second car. I know I can work out at home but Im one of those that needs the structure of being in a gym, which is hard to get to at the moment.

Im not going to give up. I know I have it in me to get to where I want to be because Im honest with myself in regards to being fat. I know how I feel when I don’t have the weight packed on me. Not just physically but emotionally as well. I wrote a post in June in regards to what Im writing about now, so it’s pretty obvious that it’s something that’s bothering me: Fitness

Yes, I know all about “fat shaming” which is not what my post is about. If anyone takes offense to what I wrote, then oh well because that’s not my intent

Old Wounds – Reopened – But…

About a week ago, the hubster came down with something that put him on his ass – literally. He was really ill. At first it seemed as though he had caught some virus/bug but as it progressed, I noticed that his symptoms resembled that of diabetes. I wish I had taken a picture of how soaked our sheets were from the excessive amount of sweat/water pouring out his body at night. After about 3 days, he didn’t seem to be getting any better so off to urgent care we went.

I didnt go back with him at first but of course tests were ordered. The doctor finally came out to get me and once in the room said there was some good news and bad news. My heart sank.  Turned out he indeed had diabetes but it also looked as though he may have had – ketoacidosis – and that I needed to get the hubster over to the ER. Not later on that night or tomorrow BUT right now. That’s some scary shit! Im in denial the whole time that it could be anything of that nature and that everything was going to be ok. Trying to keep as positive as I can be. We drove to one hospital and the wait time was horrendous, so we drove to what I deemed a better one. Didn’t take long for us to get seen. They were able to get his sugar down a bit and pumped him up with fluids. Then we learned he needed to stay a few days just to monitor him, get him on insulin and also get some education regarding diabetes. I noticed an immediate difference in him. He was more alert and looked like – himself.

Patiently waiting

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Today Was A Good Day!

I became a (step)grandma last night to a beautiful, healthy baby boy named Marcus. I will post pictures soon

I signed up for The Color Run today (cost was $30.00) that’s going to be held on the 4th of July.  I even ordered my tutu.

I received my address for my adoptive soldier

I filled out my FASFA today. I keep saying Im going to return to school next year but whose to say I will still be alive and kicking? Ive decided to return this August. I will take only 2 classes at this time.

Im looking forward to painting a well known bridge here to raise awareness on rape

Im looking forward to my non planned outings with my husband. I’m going to step way out my comfort zone and be a bit more spontaneous with him

Im having my first, well second appt. with the fitness instructor next week. I sent him a picture via email and he stated he worked with someone who accomplished what Im wanting to with dedication and hard work. It’s surely going to be tough but I have Faith that I can and WILL do this. Would be nice to fit into the cute clothes I bought, in smaller sizes on purpose.

All in all

Today Was A Good Day

An UNnecessary Evil…

An Unnecessary evil would be me referring to – The B*tch aka Aunt flo.

I remember a time, back when trying to conceive, when I looked forward to her coming. Those who have and are dealing with infertility, know what I mean. Fast forward to now.  I dread when she comes. Not only do I have small amounts of endometriosis, but also fibroids, so when she starts…It’s like pain straight out of HELL and very VERY heavy.

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