2018 and Not So Random Thoughts…

I was going to write a post about how 2017 went; I’ll make a separate posts on how Christmas Eve and Christmas day went because it was awesome. I decided not to because I’m focused on 2018. I have reflected back on 2017 in hopes of not making some of the same mistakes.

I’m introverted, well unless I’ve been drinking (LOL).  I don’t enjoy talking on the phone. I love to write and hate small talk. I prefer bookstores, thrift stores (I loathe going to the mall). I prefer music (particularly jazz) over watching television unless it’s a documentary or a movie I think I’d enjoy watching. I love the relationship I have with God; even when my Faith is tested.  I’ve also noticed that if my hair isn’t right, I don’t feel “put together”, so I need to do better at keeping myself up. I loathe heels but have learned I do better with chunkier heels. I’m a mixture of femininity, sexiness and being a rebel. I will be saying “Fuck and Fucking” a lot because those are 2 of my favorite words; hell, I just like cussing. I don’t need anyone telling me it’s “unladylike”.  I plan on taking advantage of our gorgeous beach here this summer. We loved going to Bands on the Beach.

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2016 – I Will Not


When I say the last 2 yrs have been trying. I mean they have been trying. Especially with the  passing of my mom in 2013.

During the last year or so, I have learned a lot about myself through different experiences and realizing that I need to break the cycle that I usually find myself in. With that came the realization that I need help. As in professional help. I’ve found a counselor and just waiting to be emailed back regarding insurance.  So with that, in 2016 – I Will Not…

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Mother Nature is Kicking My Ass – Buuut

Things could be worse

Thank You Lord for continuing to guide my steps in my personal and soon to be professional life.

I started school the beginning of the week and Im killing it like a BOSS! Well, til it’s time to hit that Math *gaaaah*

I will be going on vacay with my hunny in 16 days. 8 DAYS of pure awesomeness with my guy once the fun begins.

Im pretty proud of myself. I have taken my meds every morning. I set the alarm for 7am.

I have not had a sip of soda in a week. Had some sweet tea twice but have stuck with water.

If you know me, you know that water and I don’t mix but I know that it is needed.

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Looking Forward To….

One of the things Im looking forward to, besides getting an education of course, is being able to “dress up”. The only time I really do is when the hubster and I are going out.

It’ll also be nice to get out of the house. Im thinking some nights the hubster can drop me off, we only have one car at the moment, and then pick me up so we can go hang somewhere for a few. That’ll be really nice. Weird to be heading back to college considering Im almost 40 + 4+1 but it’s going to so be worth it.

My Inspiration Board


I am…

(A)dventuous (B)eautiful (C)ultured (D)iplomatic (E)ducated (F)eminine (G)iving
(H)onest (I)ntroverted (J)oyful (K)ind (L)ovable (M)ysterious (N)aive
(O)ptimistic (P)atient (Q)uirky (R)omantic (S)piritual (T)ough
(U)nique (V)ivacious (W)onderful (X)enial (Y)outhful (Z)estful
Youthful in the sense that I am still very much a kid at heart.
* Not to be confused with being childish *

Getting It Together….

I was thrown for a loop last week when the hubster was dx’d with diabetes which also landed him in the hospital for 3 days. Praise be to God that we’ve been able to get his sugar under control but yea, it definitely through me for a loop. When this happened and all the changes that were to follow, it also brought about some anger within me. That in turn made me so unmotivated. Im past that (the anger) now so I can get back on track.

I now have my class schedule for the Fall. With the hubsters help, Im learning how to clean the pool and while time consuming, it’s also relaxing – as long as I have my music to listen to while cleaning it.

My mind is still spinning a bit but hopefully as things fall into place, my mind wont be so cluttered. Ha!

Next on the list is getting our doctor appointments out the way. Then I want to start hitting the gym. Ive also met some fabulous women with some events in the works and Im looking forward to that. The hubster and I have our cruise coming up and then it’s school time for me – Yippie!

Today Was A Good Day!

I became a (step)grandma last night to a beautiful, healthy baby boy named Marcus. I will post pictures soon

I signed up for The Color Run today (cost was $30.00) that’s going to be held on the 4th of July.  I even ordered my tutu.

I received my address for my adoptive soldier

I filled out my FASFA today. I keep saying Im going to return to school next year but whose to say I will still be alive and kicking? Ive decided to return this August. I will take only 2 classes at this time.

Im looking forward to painting a well known bridge here to raise awareness on rape

Im looking forward to my non planned outings with my husband. I’m going to step way out my comfort zone and be a bit more spontaneous with him

Im having my first, well second appt. with the fitness instructor next week. I sent him a picture via email and he stated he worked with someone who accomplished what Im wanting to with dedication and hard work. It’s surely going to be tough but I have Faith that I can and WILL do this. Would be nice to fit into the cute clothes I bought, in smaller sizes on purpose.

All in all

Today Was A Good Day



This is the first time in a VERY long time where Ive had the freedom that I do. I feel a bit of guilt but it’s something that I need to let go of because I know that I deserve this break.

Last year was trying – emotionally, mentally and physically. Not only did I care for my 6 (step)children-  up until June. I also had my husband, niece, mother, foster son and nephew to look after. My (step)children went to live with their mom after school was over but we do get them every other weekend

My foster son was taken from us because we had to put our feet down over some issues dealing with his bio mom. That’s a story in itself. My mom passed in October from lung cancer and at that time, my niece went back with her mom, which just left my being responsible for my nephew. Well after much drama, that came to an end last weekend.

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