* In No Particular Order *

Renew Wedding Vows

Camping trip as a couple or Elk Springs Resort

Glamping  (Done)

Camping trip as a family

Re-enroll in college (1st year completed)

Learn to Salsa

Painting With a Twist (Will do again)

Blacklight Run

Color Vibe 5k

The Glow Run 2015

Exercise more

Ride a Mechanical Bull

Scuba Dive

                                                                                   Snorkel (Will do again)

Ride  Subway in New York

Go Parasailing


New Orleans (Again)

New Orleans Mardi Gras 

Visit Mammoth Cave

Buy a bicycle

Visit Puerto Rico 

Take a Road Trip in an R.V.

Rent a House Boat

Visit the Grand Canyon

Trip to Vegas

Cruise once a year (4 cruises so far)

Sail on a Pontoon Boat (Again)

Visit Paris

Visit Italy (Tuscany). I used to live in Vicenza

I found a site where you can track your bucket list. How cool is that?!?


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