I’m Excited to Go….Glamping!!

I haven’t gone camping in years. When I used to go, it was here; Turner Falls. I wish I still had pictures to show the climb after reaching the top of the water fall because the view is breath taking.  During those camping trips, I slept in a tent. However, as I’ve gotten older and watching way too many scary movies, tents were off limits if I ever went camping again. That was until I learned about Glamping.  A nice way to compromise between a cabin and tent.

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Loving Our Patio…

With Summer coming to an end, Wal-Mart dropped their prices on patio furniture.

Patio set – $148.00 ($50.00 off)

Outdoor rug – $35.00 ($15.00 off)

I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. Ive FINALLY been able to get the pool cleared/cleaned so we can swim. The only thing left is to clean up tent and finish the area where fire pit is. The fire pit cost us $48.00 ($40.00 off) I think Id like to get 2 more of the adirondack chairs to place on the other side of the wall on the patio. Those are $16.00 a piece.

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