Not So Random Pictures!

I so love capturing moments of my family, among other things. This morning I came across so many photos that are on our desk top that I need to transfer over. I should seriously be doing some type of backup as well.

Part of my blogs name is – Now Healing/Healed. I want others to see that you can have a life after having endured some horrible things and that you can heal from it. No, that doesn’t mean the scars don’t remain, it just means that you’ve taken the steps necessary to be – Happy!

Yes, we are a family that does Halloween.

Halloween 2011. Picking out pumpkins.
Trunk or Treat at our church at the time. 2011
Birthday party at the skating rink for one of my (step)sons. He’s on the left, in the white t-shirt, behind me. 2012
He’s a keeper…LOL!

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I am…

(A)dventuous (B)eautiful (C)ultured (D)iplomatic (E)ducated (F)eminine (G)iving
(H)onest (I)ntroverted (J)oyful (K)ind (L)ovable (M)ysterious (N)aive
(O)ptimistic (P)atient (Q)uirky (R)omantic (S)piritual (T)ough
(U)nique (V)ivacious (W)onderful (X)enial (Y)outhful (Z)estful
Youthful in the sense that I am still very much a kid at heart.
* Not to be confused with being childish *