Hysterectomy Part 3. *WARNING* Surgical pictures included in post.

I need to see if there are any pictures available of my uterus. I asked my gyn what it looked like due to the Fibroids and she said “Imagine what Mickey Mouse looks like?!? That would be what your uterus looked like. The hubster was able to see it and….well yeah *sad face*. The crazy thing about the surgery is that my gyn wasnt able to locate my right ovary, so we have no idea if it dissolved or what.

July 31

Had to have post op appt. today due to a slight issue. Good news – somewhat! I’ve lost almost 20lbs. Woot! Woot! Don’t have much of an appetite at all but need to be careful. Bad news: Had to take bottom staples out due to drainage AND looks like the lower half is trying to split open. Didn’t seem to close. Sooo, we wait and see and I’m to keep as dry as possible. Worse case scenario is having to do wound care. Been there! Done that! Not trying to do again – EVER! No HRT. Going a different route to deal with my body being “off”. Damn you crying spells and insomnia *Throws up fist* I go in Wed. to remove the upper half of staples.  *1 week and 2 days post op.*

Had a bad reaction to the tape used

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Hysterectomy Part 2. *WARNING* Surgical pictures included in post.

You can read Part 1 – Here.

The last thing I remember is being rolled out the room and my hubby giving me a kiss, followed by this….

I remember coming out of surgery and couldn’t stop my teeth from chattering. I don’t remember if I was cold or not but I do remember blankets being put on me. The next few posts are from when I posted on Facebook, so I’ll just be copying and pasting what I’d written on there.

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My Hysterectomy – Part 1

I knew that eventually I’d end up needing a hysterectomy due to the constant pain and heavy bleeding I was dealing with. I understood why my gyn suggested I try other options such as a uterine ablation because of the risk factors due to the multiple surgeries I had previously.  However, after doing research and learning that it may not even work, I made the final decision to have a hysterectomy. The date was set for July 22nd. First I had to go on Lupron in hopes of shrinking the multiple fibroids I had. I only had to take the one shot of Lupron and then the Lupron pills for about 3 weeks I believe.

The night before (July 21st) my surgery, I packed my bags with one of my favorite books to read – Winnie The Pooh. Id rather eat dirt than drink milk of magnesia EVER again and then finished my night with a big ole bowl of butter pecan ice cream. I also packed away my pads and tampons considering it would be the last time I’d need them.


We arrived pretty early – around 5am I think. I was able to talk with the anesthesiologists and made it known – again – to not give me morphine as I have a very bad reaction to it. Then it was just a matter of waiting to be rolled in once my doctor arrived.

The last thing I remember is being rolled out the room and my hubby giving me a kiss…