I was on vacation but now Im back :-)

I had 3 weeks of orientation for college. I PASSED! *Yaaay* So I “officially” start college this Monday in my pursuit of earning a degree in Social Work.

I spent 6 days with the hubster on vacation and yes, we’re still married..LOL! Now it’s back to the reality of what we call – Life.

I hope each and every one of you have been having a fabulous weekend and if not, find ways to make it so that you do.

What are you doing to make YOUR dreams a REALITY?


I Asked God…

Let me start off by writing that I am not an overly religious person. In fact, Im more spiritual than I am religious. I’m not here to debate how and why I feel the way that I do. I know what works for me.

My only wish (goal) is to maybe help and inspire others who are and/or have gone through situations that makes you say – what the hell?!?

I don’t have all the answers. I don’t know why seemingly good people are faced with some of the most tragic things no-one should ever have to endure. I don’t know why seemingly bad people “have it all”. I don’t question why anyone attempts suicide. Ive been there (many times) so I know better than to judge.

Life is Life.

I try to be as positive as I can be because I know that one day, I will never have to endure the hurts and pains any longer cause Lord willing, I will be with my Heavenly Father.

So on that note…

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