Old Wounds – Reopened – But…

About a week ago, the hubster came down with something that put him on his ass – literally. He was really ill. At first it seemed as though he had caught some virus/bug but as it progressed, I noticed that his symptoms resembled that of diabetes. I wish I had taken a picture of how soaked our sheets were from the excessive amount of sweat/water pouring out his body at night. After about 3 days, he didn’t seem to be getting any better so off to urgent care we went.

I didnt go back with him at first but of course tests were ordered. The doctor finally came out to get me and once in the room said there was some good news and bad news. My heart sank.  Turned out he indeed had diabetes but it also looked as though he may have had – ketoacidosis – and that I needed to get the hubster over to the ER. Not later on that night or tomorrow BUT right now. That’s some scary shit! Im in denial the whole time that it could be anything of that nature and that everything was going to be ok. Trying to keep as positive as I can be. We drove to one hospital and the wait time was horrendous, so we drove to what I deemed a better one. Didn’t take long for us to get seen. They were able to get his sugar down a bit and pumped him up with fluids. Then we learned he needed to stay a few days just to monitor him, get him on insulin and also get some education regarding diabetes. I noticed an immediate difference in him. He was more alert and looked like – himself.

Patiently waiting

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