It’s All Starting To Come Together

I’ve been doing some major research and planning so that I’m not thrown for too much of a loop. I have to be organized in some way and having a binder helps. Especially since I will be utilizing public transportation which will limit the amount I carry in my backpack. I’m sure the first few weeks days  (of my walking from the bus stop to the office) will be rough and tough cause I haven’t exercised in well over a month….*sigh*

Aside from all things related to my organization, I also wanted to start having a meet-up, maybe once a month that would include women that I personally know that have been through it – emotionally, spiritually, physically, etc. Maybe if this takes off, it will go beyond this initial stage with more women joining in. That would be totally awesome. I know it can be difficult when you have a bunch of women together but I’m hoping to form a sisterhood that focuses on empowering and encouraging each other. There will be no tolerance for drama and gossip. If disagreements arise, I would hope that we’re all mature enough to handle them as an adult and remember that not everyone will always agree. I’m all for constructive criticism but blatant disrespect, won’t be tolerated either.

Luckily my office has a really nice, large meeting room and I’ve contacted the person that I need to, to set aside a date for next month to hold my 1st meet-up. Only those who receive an invite will be allowed to come as I want this to be a safe place to meet-up as well.

Things are starting to fall into place and I’m pretty happy about that….

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Keep Pushing…

*Originally posted Jun 10, 2015*

Being in college (on break) has been awesome and it’s given me my own sense of identity. I’ve had a come to Jesus with myself about my weight and my health issues as well. I’d known already that I was borderline in having high blood pressure and was officially diagnosed as pre-hypertensive not too long ago.  The one thing I have not been consistent at is exercising but I have some plans for that and my bad habit of drinking sodas (I’ve been soda free for 2 months now). I know I need to get my ass in gear (I’ve started going to the gym regularly). My dad died from a heart attack and I’m not trying to have one if I can help it.

Since I’ve been going I’ve noticed that my posture is better and my heart rate is as well. Go Me!

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Not So Randomness

My Cowboys weren’t in the Superbowl, and until they are. Im on strike. However, I will come to your house for the company, food and liquor though…LOL! *Yeah I know but hey, Im a diehard fan*

How is it possible to lose 3lbs in ONE day? I have found that water and I can be friends.

NO MORE SODAS! NO MORE SODAS! That’s what I keep saying to myself

Im in desperate need of a pedi and mani. The bottom of my feet are so jacked up, that youd think the cat has scratched my legs…Ok, theyre not that bad but bad enough that I shouldn’t be wearing shoes that exposes em…LOL!

If The Color Run is not in your area or close by – Check out – The Color Vibe

I pray Bobbi Kristina pulls through. She really hasn’t been “right” since her mom died. Something I know all too well. My mom died in 2013 and I still struggle with her death. It’s still so hard to believe she is gone. It all happened so fast as well. Found out she had cancer in August I believe and she passed that October.

I love when people underestimate me.

I sooo want to go back to Italy. The first time I was there, I was with an a**hole, so that doesn’t count. Im watching House Hunters, so that’s why I mention it…LOL! It’s a beautiful country. Slow paced, like us Southerners. Loved the food, the wine, the people…

Ive been carrying an enormous amount of weight on my shoulders the past few days. Ive had to pray long and hard about it. Im a fixer but coming to understand that not everything is meant for me to fix.

Im so focusing on being happy. I have not come as far as I have – to not be.



So Disappointed but…

Today I had to come to the decision to withdraw from school after (1) realizing that Id be paying double in tuition compared to going to our local community college and (2) after double checking, I found out that half the credits wouldn’t even transfer. Talk about disappointment BUT that’s ok.

Some may say Im overly optimistic about life and the situations that come about. It’s because I feel that Im being led to something much greater when I get thrown a curve ball. At the moment we only have one car which the hubster uses for work cause he travels – a lot. Im going to work into our budget to take a cab to school, which isn’t all that far from here on days I cant use the car. I will do my best to register for classes in the evenings and when the weather is nice, I can ride that bike I plan to buy up to the bus stop cause the bus stops right at the college. The majority of time, for every problem, there are solutions.

NOTHING is going to stop me, short of death of course, from getting my degree.


This Blog….

I want this blog to be more than just raising awareness. I want this blog to also be about – healing. Learning that despite all of the  bullshit (yes, I cuss from time to time) that Ive/you/we’ve endured, that we can have somewhat of a normal life – whatever that may entail for some. Im currently in college majoring in Social Work. I have a loving, supportive husband. Im a (step)mom to beautiful 8 (step)children. Ive had the pleasure of keeping a child out of foster care. I was blessed to have my mom live out the last days of her life in my home before succumbing to cancer.

My past does not define who I am as a whole. If anything, I use it as a way to hopefully inspire others. When I see that someone has liked a post that Ive written – YOU also inspire me to keep writing. To keep pushing. So I will share the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly on here.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


I Asked God…

Let me start off by writing that I am not an overly religious person. In fact, Im more spiritual than I am religious. I’m not here to debate how and why I feel the way that I do. I know what works for me.

My only wish (goal) is to maybe help and inspire others who are and/or have gone through situations that makes you say – what the hell?!?

I don’t have all the answers. I don’t know why seemingly good people are faced with some of the most tragic things no-one should ever have to endure. I don’t know why seemingly bad people “have it all”. I don’t question why anyone attempts suicide. Ive been there (many times) so I know better than to judge.

Life is Life.

I try to be as positive as I can be because I know that one day, I will never have to endure the hurts and pains any longer cause Lord willing, I will be with my Heavenly Father.

So on that note…

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Mother Nature is Kicking My Ass – Buuut

Things could be worse

Thank You Lord for continuing to guide my steps in my personal and soon to be professional life.

I started school the beginning of the week and Im killing it like a BOSS! Well, til it’s time to hit that Math *gaaaah*

I will be going on vacay with my hunny in 16 days. 8 DAYS of pure awesomeness with my guy once the fun begins.

Im pretty proud of myself. I have taken my meds every morning. I set the alarm for 7am.

I have not had a sip of soda in a week. Had some sweet tea twice but have stuck with water.

If you know me, you know that water and I don’t mix but I know that it is needed.

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The Lotus Flower…


The lotus flower grows in muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty. At night the flower closes and sinks underwater, at dawn it rises and opens again.
Sometimes I see the words Ive written and its as though Im reading someone elses life when in reality, that life is – Mine! The only way I can explain any of it is that Ive come this far by the grace of God.
He has protected me.
Kept His distance from me to draw me closer to Him.
Continues to love and guide me, even though I feel like I dont deserve it at times.
However, He reminds me that I AM a child of God
Inspite of all my imperfection.

I dont know what the future has in store for me considering how my past has been but this I do know……
In my saddness, there is happiness
In my tears, there is laughter
In my fears, there is courage
In my failures, there is success
In my disappointments, there is hope 
In my doubts, there is confidence
In my hurts, there is LOVE…